Three ways to style The Lanky

Three ways to style The Lanky

We have a lot of love for The Skinny, especially when there are three all lined up in a row.

One of our favourite (and most popular) looks of all time is a lineup of tall, slender Lankys. And there are SO many different ways to combine them… 220 different ways to be exact! (Yes, we did have to get the calculator to work that one out!) But with so many options, how can you possibly make a decision?

To help you out, we thought we'd share some of our favourite super-simple Skinny styling strategies (yaSSSSS for alliteration!)

Three Mustard Made Skinny lockers stand side by side. They are all the colour, Olive. They are in front of a light blue-panelled wall. There is a single bed to the left of the lockers, with orange bed linen. A plywood floating bedside table sits beside the bed. There is a light fixture and Baby Yoda Lego figurine on top.

three of a kind

There are plenty of adjectives we could use for this look — classic, sophisticated, nostalgic. No matter how you describe it, we love it! Combining three Skinnys in the same colourway will give you subtle, minimalist vibes with maximum storage impact.

Stick to the neutrals for a truly classic look, or spice things up with a bit of colour. Becca's favourite look of all time is a lineup of Olive Skinnys, but you could go really bold with Berry or Poppy!